Experienced Engineering Team

Securosys engineering team covers all aspects of hardware and software design. The team consists of hardware engineers with combined over fifty years experience in building reliable and secure embedded systems. The software team has over eighty years of combined experience in designing systems with C++, Java, and many other programming languages. The team is complemented by security and application engineers with fifty years of combined experience. Over the last couple years, many team members have become involved in the blockchain community. For security reasons team members involved in the development of technical solutions will be kept anonymous in order to mitigate potential security threats.

  • Experienced Software Engineers

    form the core embedded developers for the Securosys HSM extensions and are also active in the blockchain community

  • Security Engineers

    for the HSM network appliances and Clouds HSM

  • Rest of the Team

    Besides management and engineering additional team members cover product management and application engineering, support, marketing and sales, operations including billing and shipping, and office management.

ITO Advisory