Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Securosys ITO FAQ. We will continuously add more information to this site.

  • How do I make a wallet to receive my SET token?

    When you invest in the Securosys ITO, you will receive SET token. These tokens are registered on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 protocol. In the onboarding process you have provide a valid wallet address for your SET token. In this article you will find the instructions to make a software wallet.

  • What is the minimum ticket size?

    For Stage 2 the starting ticket size has been lowered to CHF 1,000.- (about USD 1,000.-). 

  • I would like to hodl my crypto, can I participate with fiat?

    The current market downturn for crypto has been severe and we understand that you might prefer to hodl. Therefore you can also invest with fiat in the Securosys STO/ITO. Simply select CHF as currency and select Credit Card or Bank. If you select Bank, you will be redirected to our partner Mt. Pelerin and can select investments in CHF, Euro, USD, GPB. If you would invest in any other currency, please contact us.

  • Will the SET token be available on an exchange after the ITO?

    The SET token is a security token. As such it can only be on a licensed security exchange. There are several exchanges in Switzerland already in the process of applying for such a license. Once they obtain the license, we plan to list the SET token on one of them. Until then (and also afterwards) you can always do an OTC trade directly with another party.