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Securosys has completed the public sale of its STO. Here is the information for you to verify our token, ticker, etc:

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Ticker Name SET
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Most trusted - enterprise Grade

Securosys develops technically superior, security-wise most trusted, and financially competitive hardware and software for crypto assets and blockchain technologies. Its products enable Securosys to be the preferred partner not only for global enterprises, authorities, and industries, but also new entrants to the blockchain space. Securosys' products already protect the Swiss Banking System by securing € 100 Billion in daily transactions.


Private Key Vault

Keep private keys secure in enterprise-grade hardware digital key safe

Multi-Signature Capability

Control access and use of private keys with multisig rules


Redundancy, backup, and availability through clustering

Multi-Asset Support

Full support of algorithms and mechanisms of most crypto currencies

Secure Crypto Storage

Reliable and scalable storage for active (hot) and inactive (cold) assets

Blockchain Hardware Platform

Trusted platform for lightweight, lightning, and proof-of-stake nodes

Trusted by the Swiss Interbank Clearing System (SIC-SIX)

Use case: How Securosys protects over € 100 Billion in daily transactions

The Swiss Interbank Clearing system is operated by SIX Group under the supervision of the Swiss National Bank (the Swiss Fed). All transactions are secured by Securosys. Learn how.

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Blockchain and Crypto-Assets HSM
Blockchain and Crypto-Assets HSM
BC-CA Hardware Security Module

Secure generation and management of private keys, multi-signature access and use; targeted at financial institutions and custodians like banks, funds, exchanges, and other blockchain systems

Trusted Execution Platform HSM
Trusted Execution Platform HSM
TEP Hardware Security Module

Secure execution platform for lightweight nodes, the lightning network, or proof-of-stake nodes

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Securosys Clouds HSM
Securosys Clouds HSM
HSM as a Service

Benefit from Securosys operating and managing your HSM, BC-CA HSM, or TEP HSM

Key Management Server HSM
Key Management Server HSM
Managing millions of keys for IoT

Securing the Internet of Things with the Key Management HSM targeted at smart-grid applications

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Tamper-proof architecture

Securosys HSM are engineered to make penetration impossible. Keys are secured through several layers of hardware and software protection mechanisms. HSM can be upgraded with post-quantum computer (PQC) algorithms.

Scalable technology

Enterprise-grade HSM replace home-use systems like USB devices or printouts for secure storage of crypto assets. Geo-redundant clustering of HSMs allows for scaling, availability, and multi-year reliability.

Made in Switzerland

Engineered, designed, and manufactured in Switzerland: Swiss quality and security — free from contaminating influences. Keeping intellectual property where it is supposed to be

Wide range of applications

Crypto currencies and assets Blockchain and distributed-ledger technologies eIDAS and digital signatures Encryption for GDPR Internet of Things Finance and banking CA, PKI, SSL


  • 10 out of 10 top banks in Switzerland

  • 4 out of 10 top banks worldwide

  • 1 out of top-20 Crypto Exchanges


Data security, privacy, and trust are paramount in this next evolution of the Internet. Moving financial transactions onto blockchain- and distributed-ledger systems demands higher scrutiny and certainty in the underlying systems as transactions are irreversible. Securosys is committed to investing into this next generation of the Internet.

Expanding Securosys' Product Portfolio

Fintech and IoT are transitioning to crypto assets, blockchain, and distributed-leger technologies. To meet the requirements of the next generation, Securosys will expand the capabilities of its hardware security solutions. Only hardware solutions can provide the trust and certainty needed when managing all types of crypto assets based on different encryption algorithms, blockchain systems, and distributed ledger technologies.

Global Market Expansion & Local Market Presence

The new global financial crypto institutions do not have the infrastructure in place required to provide secure solutions for its customers. Exchanges, banks, custodians, and funds all over the world need secure hardware-based solutions to protect crypto funds. To serve and support customers in any region of the world, Securosys will setup sales, distribution, and marketing operations in financial centers in APAC, Europe, and Americas.


Securing the world's communications and assets!


Securosys strives to become the leading supplier for hardware based security solutions. It's system are used for communications security and to provide identities and authentication in the digital world.

Securosys' hardware-based security solutions are designed and manufactured in Switzerland. They provide the required trust needed in financial systems and any other field needing higher security levels.

Founded by Andreas Curiger and Robert Rogenmoser in 2014, the company has continually delivered market-leading products that achieve the highest security levels. In 2015, its hardware security modules were chosen to protect the Swiss Banking System and Stock Market, where they now protect daily transactions of over €100 Billion.

In 2017 Securosys had revenues of CHF 4.7M and an EBITDA of CHF 1.1M for the second year of profitability.


As of today, Securosys employs 17 people and 4 in-house contractors in Zurich, Switzerland.

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